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Day 21 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Final Day ~ Day 21 ~ July 29, 2023

Welcome to the final day of the Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge. I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve had a blast with this challenge. It has been a pleasure to connect with you each day!

I have experienced this challenge on a new level; what being in the present means to me today. I have also come to see where I started to where I am today. I’ve been consciously living in the present for many years now and I can say that I can see such an improvement in myself and how I handle situations, my negative thoughts, any stress, or anxiety, to just name a few. There was a time when I lived in the past and future. I can see very clearly how the exercises and techniques that I have learned over the years and shared with you these last three weeks have helped me live differently. It is interesting to know that I now carve out time to work on past and future things where before I was carving out time to live in the present.

I have also come to learn just how important animals (both wild and domestic), nature, and mother earth are for me. These are what keep me present in my everyday life. My hope is that you all find what connects with you to help you stay in the present. Whatever it is, may it bring you joy, insights, connection, growth, and love.

And with that I want to share my most favorite ‘Get in the Now’ technique with you. You may already know it; it is the Five Senses Technique! The reason why I love this one so much is because when I combine it with getting outside and into nature it connects me with mother earth on so many different levels. You can certainly do this one inside or anywhere for that matter. The choice is yours.

The Five Senses Technique is grounding, fun, and instantly brings you to the present as you must pay attention. Here is how it works ~

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and exhale and then open your eyes and notice 5 things that you can see.

Close your eyes again, take another deep breath in and out and then open your eyes and notice 4 things that you can hear.

Again, close your eyes, take another deep breath in and out and then open your eyes and notice 3 things you can feel.

And again, close your eyes, take another deep breath in and out and now notice 2 things you can smell.

And finally, close your eyes again, breathe in and out, open your eyes and now notice 1 thing you can taste.

I assure you that if you are struggling to be in the present or anxiety or stress is taking over, this exercise will pull you right to the present!

Thank you all for being part of this 21-day challenge with me. I hope it has helped you on your journey!

Till next time…

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Thank you so much for the challenge! Many useful tips for keeping present!

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