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Day 20 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Day 20 ~ July 28, 2023

Happy Friday! We are on Day 20 of the challenge. Today I want to talk about Setting Goals!

One would think that goal setting is counterintuitive to staying in the present. Being present in the moment is not about having no concerns about or interest in the future. So how do we balance setting goals and working toward them with being present?

Goals can and should be specific, measurable, and attainable. Ideally, they should involve clear steps that you can plan and focus on. These goals should not be abstract events that you ‘hope’ will happen. Fear about the future or anxiety about outcomes are not the same as goal setting. Fear takes our mind off of the present moment and distract us from getting closer to achieving our goals.

Goal setting is an activity that can and should be done with attention and focus. Starting with an intention and then following it up by setting aside time to create and plan out the goals so that you can give it your full attention. In other words, goal setting is not a process that should be relegated to the backburner or squeezed into fleeting afterthoughts. In fact, we should be very present during the process of setting the goals.

Setting aside a specific time to focus on the goal mindfully is a good way to take it seriously. Do it without distractions and without feeling rushed. Give yourself time to think not only about the goal but about the steps you’ll have to take to reach them. Include timelines involved in completing them and when you expect various steps to be completed. Be as specific as you can. Also include established deadlines to check in with yourself to see if you are on track or if the plans need to be tweaked.

Once the goal and the plans are established, there should be very little distraction when it comes to executing the goal. You can still wake up each day and live ‘in the moment’ even with your plan and a schedule. You can always check in with your plan to see it laid out and what needs to be done. There should be no need to rush through or wonder if you will find the time to reach your goals.

So take a stab at this, set your goals and embrace the now while achieving them!

Till tomorrow…

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