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Intuitive Transformation Coach
Akin to The Fool in the tarot deck, are you ready to take that big leap?


I believe there are no coincidences. You clicked on this page for a reason.

Maybe the....

~ curiosity on how you can bring more happiness and meaning into your life

~ guidance to begin healing past experiences and relationships

~ knowing that there should more to life

~ need to reduce anxiety and stress

~ courage to transition through significate life events (divorce, relationship, motherhood, change of job, etc.)

~ need to be seen and heard especially by yourself

~ assistance in finding your core

Again, I ask - Are ready to take your big leap on an adventure into your true authentic self?


My intention as an intuitive transformation coach is to intuitively assist those seeking transformation of mind, body, and soul so you can trust your own intuition for connection to yourself, the earth, and the universe.

The coaching that I offer is not about me giving you all the answers. Rather it is a partnership guiding you to see your life from a new perspective and leading you to where and who you want to be. Be it professionally, personally, or spiritually.


And like The Fool, sometimes taking that next step requires a trusty guide. My passion lies in being that guide and helping others discover themselves in a whole new way. 


But why ‘intuitive’ transformation coaching?

Tapping into our intuition, our true inner voice, will lead you to a journey of healing, growth, acceptance of self, and enlightenment.  Because once you can hear that inner voice and then trust it, the sky’s the limit. I can tell you from personal experience that intuition is the key to feeling more secure in our own skin, our decisions, our goals, and love of ourselves and others.


I create a sacred safe space for your mind, body, and soul as we work together.


My process is designed to help those who are open to change and healing to start living your life to the fullest. I help connect you back to your soul’s purpose so that you can bring your life back into balance. 


What to expect from my coaching program?

Each program is individually designed for you so they will not look the same from one person to another. However, they will all include one-on-one coaching and intuitive guidance.  As for what else might be included, it could incorporate guided meditations, dreamwork, breathwork, chakra balancing, energy healing sessions, connecting with your animal guides or wild animals that will guide you.


Your intuition is your biggest tool in this journey. I will show you how to tap into and listen to your intuition and connect to it so you can always access it.


If you are being pulled to transform, heal, or to take control of your life, I would be honored to be your coach through your journey.


Next Step?

Click on the link above to set up a free 30-minute discovery call or call or email me directly. During the call, I ask that you be open and honest in what you are seeking so that I can understand what you need. This is all about you and your journey. 

My programs include a 2-month, 3-month, or a 4-month option.

This is where magic and healing begin!
Mountain Magic Healing Studio

164 Ed Herman Road, Schenevus, NY 12155

Tel: 607-287-7278

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