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Spiritus Animalis ~ My Creative Process for the Animals!

I just absolutely love working with our wild neighbors. And since starting my Spiritus Animalis class, it has been enlightening in more ways than one for both myself and those who attends.

So in getting to know the different animal each month, my process starts with the artwork. Since the start, I have felt called to draw, paint, and color the animals to life. As I create each piece, I feel into the animal. What do they feel like, where do they live, how do they want to show themselves to me. The colors I choose come from the animals themselves. I let their energy talk to me and helps me create and connect to them at the same time.

From there I start to research the animal to get to know their real-life stuff – habitat, behaviors, diet, reproduction, etc. Then I search for any lore, creation myths, or stories that will aid in understanding who they are and that I will share in the class.

Then I create the guided meditation. I so love this part as much as the artwork. I take what I have learned of the animal and from them while I work with them and do my research to shape where the meditation goes and how we ask the animals for guidance while incorporating their energy and gifts. It is truly a process of love, learning, and development.

February’s Spiritus Animalis is coming on the 15th, and we are welcoming Groundhog to teach and guide us.

If you are interested in sharing in the Spiritus Animalis adventure, I hold class once a month. Call, text, or DM me to register. I list the event on FB and my website the beginning of each month.

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