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Spiritus Animalis - Crow

Good day all! The Spiritus Animalis class is going strong. This month’s animal is Snail (June 2022) and I can’t wait to know what snail has in store for us. There are still spots available so DM or email me!

And sneak peek for July – our animal will be Seahorse!! In honor of my grandma who’s birthday is in July. Seahorse was one of her all-time favorites.

I recorded the meditation section from last month’s class on Crow. It was a very powerful class, and we all learned a tremendous amount from our Crow guides. Here is the meditation so you can all take part in it -

I hope you enjoy it!

If you do the meditation, please feel free to share a bit of what you receive with all of us. I would love to know what you think about it.

I did the meditation again the other day and want to share a part with you all. This was from the part where your Crow guide will drop an object into your hand.

The crow dropped the sun into my palm. I looked at him and this is what he said to me -

“Well, my dear the sun is always there

You must be brave enough to know it is there even when it is not visible

You must be strong enough to feel it

And high enough to touch it

Your vibration needs to shine higher to use its power

Nothing is so dark that the sun will not eventually rise

The sun brings you joy, and warmth, energy, and thoughts, good feelings and bad

Take it all as life is all – but know that you can always walk outside and feel its power even on the darkest of days

The rays shine for all – man, woman, child, animal, bird, plant, and tree

Use it to your advantage for it is there for you

When you see us basking in the sun remember to do the same

We don’t do it for nothing

Keep it in your packet and call on it when you need it.

It is yours

Use it wisely”

Magic is afoot in everything, especially within our animal kin. Look around you. What are they teaching you today?

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