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Gone But Not Forgotten

Holidays and anniversaries are not easy when we have loved ones we have lost. Even for someone like me who knows that they are always close. I know they continue to love, watch over, and guide us each and every day. They are never far away.

Spirit has a way of showing themselves. We just need to be open to their signs and language. Do you ever feel your loved ones are close?

For me, the last week has been filled with signs from my loved ones in spirit.

My dad’s birthday was the other day. I miss him dearly; 21 years now. As I laid in bed the next day, I was wondering if he stopped by. And then it hit me, he had. A good friend of mine told me she made herself a Christmas stocking. I immediately thought of my dad and how as I grew up, I became his stocking helper. Each Christmas Eve I would sit with him and help him load up the stockings. He had a particular order in which he would load them. Orange first at the bottom, then apple, nuts, then tons of candy with a big chocolate Santa at the top and candy canes. Now that I have my own family I carry on the tradition.

I was also looking for the madeleine cookie pan that was my mother-in-law’s. I thought I would try to make them this year for my son. I cannot find it anywhere. After my search we headed over to my husband’s aunt house. When we pulled into the driveway, I spotted a Cardinal. This was one of my mothers-in-law’s favorite birds. When we got back home in the afternoon, I continued the pan search with no avail. Again, thinking in bed the next day I asked her where it was and ever so slightly, I heard a snicker. I then came to know she has hidden it and hidden it good.

Then in the evening, we were watching some funny animal YouTube videos. There was one of someone saying, ‘Get a German Shepard, it will be fun’. We saw a beautiful German Shepard sitting on the couch with a squeaky toy in its mouth, just squeaking it over and over. It brought back memories of my first dog, King, who was a German Shepard. How I loved him so and how he loved his squeaky toys. Even after all these years I could feel him next to me as I thought of him.

And with that, you never know when or how your loved ones will show themselves. Talk with them, continue to share your life with them. They are listening and still enjoying being part of our lives. Be it to give us some love, remind us of good memories, or give us some grief by hiding stuff.

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