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Dream Recall

Dreaming, what a fantastic adventure! Here are a few dream recall suggestions if you are having trouble recalling your dream upon waking. And for more dream fun, join me every Monday in my Free Dream Circle on Zoom!

  • Keep a dream journal – written or voice recorded. By recording your dreams your mind will get into the routine of remembering dreams out of habit.

  • Upon waking, keep your eyes closed and body still. Lay there for a few moments and think about what you were just doing, feeling, seeing. Write down/record whatever you remember.

  • The more you remind yourself to recall your dreams the stronger the message to your unconscious becomes.

  • Set and write down your dream intention and sleep with it under your pillow. When you wake up, reread your intention. It might prompt you to recall your dream.

  • Don’t use harsh alarms to wake up to in the morning (we all know that horrible alarm noise!). If possible, wake up naturally (sun lamps are great!) or to your favorite song or music. Use the same song/music each day as it will help to recall your dream as it plays. Personally I wake up to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song!

  • If you happen to wake in the night quickly think about what you were dreaming and write down/record what you remember.

  • Don't have time to write or voice record your entire dream due to time at least give your dream a title. It will help you later when you go back to fill in the rest.

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