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Day 8 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Day 8 ~ July 16, 2023

Happy Sunday all! We have been at the challenge now for a week. I was going to write about something completely different today than what is below. But as I sat typing, I was pulled away from my thoughts. My room became so very dark and otherworldly. The sky beckoned me with its dark come-hither energy. The birds quieted down as they awaited the rains to come again. Today is all about Chasing the Storm!

It has been raining so much the last few weeks here in central NY. And the rain comes out of nowhere and without much warning. One second the sun is sort of shining and the next the clouds blow in and it starts to rain. The other night the thunder and lightening was so loud and powerful it knocked a few things off our walls. I swear living on this mountain, I have experienced storms in such a different way than ever before. It is like no other feeling I have ever had with storms. They come in so powerful, fast, and loud. I wonder what it would be like to live even closer to the sky.

Today for the challenge, I ask you to stay present within nature’s cleansing act of a thunderstorm, a downpour, or even just a gentle mist or shower. Because, really, when was the last time you stood present in the natural energy provided by a storm?

If you can, stand before it and feel into it. What energy does it carry for you? How does it make you feel emotionally and physically? What do you see? Colors, animals, raindrops, puddles…?

Embrace the now of a storm and see where it takes you. Stay present in it.

And to add another component to the challenge, the next time it rains, I double dog dare you to go out into it and be present not only with the energy of the storm but with the physical touch of it. Let it soak you to your core, to your soul!

Aren’t you curious how it will feel?

Till tomorrow my storm chasers….

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