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Day 7 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Day 7 ~ July 15, 2023

Welcome back to the challenge!

Today the challenge is to tap into our Active Listening Skills to make sure we are present when we are listening. Now I really want you to take a deep dive into this one. Are you truly listening and hearing others as they speak? How much of the conversation do you hear? Do you ask others to repeat themselves often? Do you tend to zone out and start listening to your own thoughts?

On the opposite end though, are you a first responder? Responding before the other person even finishes their sentence. Or are you already plotting out what you will say instead of listening?

Face it, it is quite easy for us to get lost in a conversation when we are not present and especially if the past or future is calling. How can anyone focus like that.

So, today’s challenge asks us to get present and actively listen. Here are some techniques stay present and listen, listen, listen.

Set an intention before you go about your day that you will be present in all your conversations and in listening.

  • Right before starting a conversation, take a deep breath and say to yourself “I am present to receive and listen”.

  • Face whom you are talking to and make eye contact. It is hard to float into the past or the future when looking into someone’s eyes.

  • Try not to interrupt or judge, just listen.

  • Don’t start planning what to say next. It is okay to digest what is said and to really think and be present with the conversation.

I hope this exercise helps you with embracing the now of listening.

Till tomorrow…

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