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Day 6 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Day 6 ~ July 14, 2023

Good work on what you have achieved so far in the challenge! I hope you are staying curious on where being in the present is taking you!

Today the challenge wants us to examine our Nighttime Habits. Staying in the present during the day is important but I feel a lot of us struggle when it comes time to rest our heads on our pillows.

What are our nighttime habits and what intentions do we put into them to keep ourselves present when we do them? Do we mindlessly tuck the kids in, get the animals rested in their beds, brush teeth, don the pjs, watch TV, or partake in the dreadful doom scrolling without be present and aware. I feel that even as we prepare for respite, we are still far from the present.

Is it any wonder why we cannot rest that we cannot stop our minds from babbling as we wait for sleep to come. The events from the past, the day, and the future creep in and take up residence for the night.

The challenge today encourages us to examine our intentions and routines prior to sleep. I absolutely love setting my intentions for my night and for my sleep time. Focusing on the present keeps the other stuff where it belongs.

Part of my routine involves getting into my comfy clothes, turning the lights down low, stating my nighttime intentions about my dreams, and putting the day to rest. And that includes giving gratitude to what the day did bring, good or bad, setting aside any worries, things I know that will keep me awake. Being mindful of what I want to keep and what I want to let go of. And if I start to wonder, I pull myself back, take a deep breath in and out and recenter.

We need our rest to refresh and recoup from our daylight escapades. Staying present and embracing the now in our evening routines will help us do just that!

Good night and sweet dreams. Till tomorrow…

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