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Day 3 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Day 3 ~ July 11, 2023

Hello all. Day 3 of the Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge. Today is all about stopping and being in nature, really present in nature!

Yesterday as I was about to go to my mailbox, I was led astray by a few tiny friends. My attention was caught by a little snail. I stopped and watched snail for quite some time. It was just me and the snail. I watched how its body moved and reshaped itself as it slowly slid across the rocks. How its head and tentacles moved and changed. I watched its foot leave its snail trail on the stones. I was completely in the present moment with my snail friend. There is nothing like being in nature to bring you back to the present moment. To not think about anything but what you are witnessing from Mother Earth. The magic and wonder of what you can find within inches of your front door, deep within the forest, or depths below in an ocean.

Once my body alerted me to my awkward position and for its need to move, I stood and not two steps more I found a tiny toad friend.

Both these friends were indeed very tiny, and it really resonated with me that taking tiny moments for us is important. But it is not about the amount of time we spend being in the present but the moments we choose to be in the present.

And so, this brings me to the challenge for Day 3. And it is quite a nice one.


Put your intent into choosing to be present in the wild outdoors. Find yourself a tiny moment, tiny treasure, tiny bit of wonder and really be present with it.

Watch it, listen to it, feel it….

I am so curious what you might find so please do share!

I hope you enjoy the video and picture of my new friends.

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Thank you for the challenge! Starting a practice is hard but this makes is so much easier.

Replying to

You are very welcome. I hope you are enjoying it. Reach out if you need anything!

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