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Day 2 Challenge ~ Nature’s Symphony

Day 2 Challenge ~ Nature’s Symphony

Exercising Clairaudience (clear hearing)

Good day! How did your seeing go yesterday?

I want to borrow from one of my favorite shows growing up, The Bionic Woman. Never mind her super strong arm or her ability to run up to 60 mph, I wanted her hearing!

For today, if you haven’t guessed already, I want us to exercise our clear hearing. Again, get outside and find a peaceful area and sit comfortably. Close your eyes and connect again with the earth. Once connected, start to lean in and connect with your hearing. For more dramatic effect swipe your hair aside like Jaime Sommers.

Listen to the sounds around you – birdsong, rustling leaves, water flowing, bee wings, etc. Try to identify as many different sounds as possible and focus on each one individually for as long as you can. And try as much as you can to not tune into the human-made sounds like planes, trains and automobiles.

From here, start to focus on any subtle or inner sounds you might be hearing. This can take the form of an inner or outer voice or spoken words, music, ringing of the ears, or other auditory impressions that come from listening clairaudiently like bells, footsteps, or whispering. It may even come as hearing a specific animal talking to you.

Take time to write down or voice record what you received and how it worked for you. You will want to reflect on your notes once the challenge is over. More about that at the end of the challenge!

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