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Day 14 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Day 14 ~ July 22, 2023

Today I pulled a card from the Spirit Animal Oracle deck to see what my animals had to say about embracing the now. Cat Spirit jumped in on sure feet to bring us the Importance of Independence!

Merriam-Webster defines independence as ‘not subject to control by others’.

At times, we tend to add our own inner narrative to our days but for the most part that narrative comes from others. Most of us, if we try hard, can identify exactly which voice belongs to whom that echoes in our heads. Maybe its mom’s voice telling us to be seen and not heard or a best friend repeating what your future should be because they know better than you.

Cats are completely independent creatures. They are extremely lovable, affectionate, and protective. But if you really know a cat you will see they will not be controlled in any form or fashion unless it is on their terms. They keep their inner voice loud and present. Key words here are ‘their voice’.

We are lucky to have two cats ~ Nyx and Luna. To watch them as they go about their days is a true lesson on remaining in the present.

Even when they are cleaning themselves or taking a nap they are present. They have that magic to them.

My Nyx is a skilled hunter. To watch her stalk her prey is a lesson in presence. Nothing will move her, distract her, or tear her from her present purpose. Be it a leaf or a mouse. She is fully present and knows herself fully. She knows her body, her movements, her prey’s energy, how the wind touches her fur, and how her heart beats slows so her hiddenness does not give her away. Cats are masters of the present moment.

If you want some great lessons on staying present, embrace the ways of a cat. Give it a try.

Till tomorrow…

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