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Day 11 ~ 21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge!

Day 11 ~ July 19, 2023

Happy Wednesday everyone. Day 11 welcomes us to take your Meditation on the Go!

A meditation on the go is all about walking. Now walking can be one of those activities that could let our minds go wild as we walk. However, with the right intentions for the walk it can be a very enjoyable and adventurous experience as you embrace what is going on in the present moment.

Meditations on the go is an invitation to engage all your senses. The intention is to be aware of how your body moves, how it feels as your feet touch the ground, noticing what is around you, listening to the sounds of the people, animals, and man-made objects surrounding you, as well as noticing your breath, the weather, and the like.

When you engage with yourself and your environment, be it in a forest, a city, a running track, a beach, wherever, you practice paying attention to the present moment. You focus your energy on seeing, hearing, feeling things within your body and outside rather than the ruminating thoughts inside your head.

And what I mean by engaging, is that you really feel into what is happening. For example, if you are walking and your back is hurting, think about why it might be hurting. Can it be because you haven’t walked in a while, spent too much time in an office chair, or too much thinking? From there you can get to know your body a bit more. “Well, I walked today and that helped my back. Maybe I should do more of it instead of sitting so long in that chair”.

Same with the things, sounds, colors, people, and animals around you that you notice. “Why did that particular color stand out to me today? Everything I saw was red.” Maybe it is because you need to have more stability in your life. Or maybe it is telling you to set fire to your projects or passions you have been holding off on doing.

Walking meditations help us stay present for ourselves. I do hope you try this one and I would be very curious how it works for you.

Till tomorrow…

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