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A piece of the P.I.E. Sundays!

I had a rocking idea this morning inspired by a dream and nature (go figure). A way for us to think about things on an intuitive level that brings about a reaction to spark an action. I mentioned it to my husband, and he was just as intrigued. As we talked about it a bit, we came up with ‘P.I.E.’.

Provoke – to incite someone to do or feel something

Invoke – to call forth

Evoke – to bring or recall to conscious mind

Then I looked up pie phrases and found ‘a piece of the pie’ which means ‘a part of something bigger; to divide something up’. Which fits into what I am attempting to do here. We are all individuals with our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but are part of something larger.

Therefore, I ‘P.I.E’. you to come along on this journey of A Piece of the P.I.E. Sundays on my Face Book page. Open your mind, feel something, and then act upon it (meditation, writing, artwork, conversation, etc.). I also entice you to share your thoughts on my Face Book page. What you share might help another and strike a spark for them.

Come check out today's A piece of the P.I.E. Sundays through the link below!

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