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7 Day Color Challenge

Because Spring is here with its many beautiful new colors after the white blanket of snow from winter, I have been working and thinking of colors and chakras. I love color and I surround myself with color, the more color the better. Hence, I thought I would give you a Color Challenge for the month of May. Now this challenge will take you seven days as we will be going through the chakras and their colors. It will be a slower challenge, one that will hopefully bring you into the present and bring you into alignment as the colors bloom before you.

Make sure to have a little notebook with you each day or your phone to record your findings and thoughts!

Day 1 – Red Day

  • Notice the color RED in your surroundings.

  • Red corresponds with the Root Chakra and speaks of our right to be here and exist, our safety, and our foundation.

  • How do your red sightings relate to your Root Chakra?

  • Affirmation: I am grounded and protected

Day 2 – Orange Day

  • Notice the color ORANGE in your surroundings.

  • Orange corresponds with the Sacral Chakra and speaks of our passion for life, our pleasures, our desires, and our creativity.

  • How do your orange sightings relate to your Sacral Chakra?

  • Affirmation: I have the right to my sexuality

Day 3 – Yellow Day

  • Notice the color YELLOW in your surroundings.

  • Yellow corresponds with the Solar Plexus and speaks of our personal power and how we feel about ourselves.

  • How do your yellow sightings relate to your Solar Plexus?

  • Affirmation: I am powerful

Day 4 – Green Day

  • Notice the color GREEN in your surroundings.

  • Green corresponds with the Heart Chakra and it speaks of our right to love and to be loved.

  • How do your green sightings relate to your Heart Chakra?

  • Affirmation: I have the right to love and to be loved

Day 5 – Blue Day

  • Notice the color BLUE in your surroundings.

  • Blue corresponds with the Throat Chakra and speaks of our right to our voice and to be heard by yourself and others.

  • How do your blue sightings relate to your Throat Chakra?

  • Affirmation: I have the right to my voice

Day 6 – Indigo Day

  • Notice the color INDIGO in your surroundings

  • Indigo corresponds with the Third Eye Chakra and speaks of our inner truth, our inner voice, our knowings, our wisdom, and our visions.

  • How do your indigo sightings relate to your Third Eye Chakra?

  • Affirmation: I trust my intuition and inner guidance to lead me

Day 7 – White Day

  • Notice the color WHITE in your surroundings.

  • White corresponds with the Crown Chakra and speaks of your connection to the divine, spirit, and the universe.

  • How do your white sightings relate to your Crown Chakra?

  • Affirmation: I am divinely guided

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