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21-day Awaken in the Present: Embrace the Now Challenge

Day 2 ~ July 10, 2023

Today, I want us to explore the power of a ‘body scan’ to bring us to the present. As part of my preparations before I do a reading and such, I conduct a quick body can. I start from my head and work my way down to my toes to see what’s up. Do I have any aches and pains, am I tired, is my tummy growling, etc. This helps as once I start my work, if I do get body sensations during my readings, I can tell what mine is and what is spirits or about my sitter.

The power of a body scan is a wonderful way to get in touch with our bodies, to really know what ours is, and to bring ourselves front and center in the now!

Let’s face it, we go about our days, and we have the demands of work, family, technology, commuting, other people, crowds, stores, and the like. Our bodies get overwhelmed. We tend to take on stress, physical ailments, and other’s energy and emotions. We are great at being sponges.

The body scanning technique holds the potential to restore inner balance and brings us directly to the present. Because we are not thinking about how our body felt yesterday or how it will feel tomorrow! The body scan technique helps us to direct our attention to our body, our different body parts, and brings our awareness to physical sensations, and then helps us to release tension and stress.

To do this scan, take a few good deep breaths and get your feet on the ground. Close your eyes. Let your body settle into a state of ease.

Starting at the top, notice how your head feels and travel down. As you progress through each body part, pay attention to any sensations that arise. Be curious and non-judgmental, simply observing what you feel without trying to change it. Keep traveling down to your eyes and ears and then your mouth. Going down to your neck. Scan your shoulders, arms, and hands. And then to your chest. Down your body to your abdomen, and to your hips, and then your legs and down to your feet.

Now that you have noticed how each area feels, you can now go back to any areas that felt discomfort, tension, or that felt off. Visualize your breath flow through those areas and release what needs to be released as you exhale.

Enjoy being in the present with your physical body!

Till tomorrow...

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