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Christene Springle
Mountain Magic Healing Studio

Intuitive Transformation Coach
Intuitive Tarot Reader
Evidential Medium
Animal Communicator

Energy Practioner
Where magic and healing begin!


About Me

My name is Christene Springle and I am a gal who  was born and raised in The Bronx.  I now live in upstate central New York with the love of my life, our son, and three inspiring and fuzzy cats.

I have had quite a journey so far in this earthly life. I was born with gifts (as we all have) but put them away for a while. Well at least I thought I did.

I lost my inner voice, my intuition, but with the help of spirit and guides both living and in spirit I was able to reclaim it.


And now I work with others to find their lost voices and intuition and to help guide them on their journeys through life.

Being an intuitive and lightworker is what I have always been meant to do. Today I am an evidential medium, psychic, intuitive tarot reader, animal communicator, reiki master, and intuitive transformation coach. Mediumship has been an amazing journey for me and I am thankful and honored to be able to give healing messages from loved ones on the other side. 


My love of nature, animals, and art all play a large role in my work.


I had been walking the path of a lightworker for most of my life without even realizing it – I have healed gaggles of birds and domestic animals when I worked as a wild bird rehabber and veterinary technician.  And thus, my spiritual journey has taken me on a welcomed and natural path of animal communicator.  Communicating, connecting, and listening to the animals is beyond words.


Looking back, I know that I was always sensitive. As a child, I felt energies, had psychic dreams, heard voices and felt otherworldly things.  But, like most, I was not in an environment that fostered my experiences.


In my teens, I started my path as a nature witch. Jumping ahead many years later I started on my psychic development, just then becoming accepting of my gifts. 


Another lifetime would go by, in the midst of a global pandemic, before I would truly embrace being a lightworker.


In May 2021, I created my Mountain Magic Healing Studio in Schenevus, NY (about 15 minutes from Cooperstown and 30 minutes from Oneonta).  It is nestled in the mountains and nature. 

I welcome all those seeking connection, healing, guidance, or just a touch of magic to connect with me to see how we can work together, have a chat, or even just a cup of coffee but it in-person or through Zoom!

This is where magic and healing begin!

How and where I work

Any and all services can be in-person at my studio in Schenevus, NY or virtually by  Zoom.

Why work with me?

The people I work with are as unique as the reasons they choose to work with me, be it for readings and coaching, healings, workshops, or mentorships.  

Whether you are looking for personal growth and self understanding, a start to your spiritual journey, or a conversation with your animals, I will hold scared space for you and do my best to bring forth what you need to hear and know today.

I am me.  I don't pretend to be anyone else nor do I put up fake fronts.  My path has brought me forward to help others on all levels.  I honor all personal, spiritual, and lifestyle paths. All my readings and services are held with the highest level of confidentiality. My intention for all everything I offer and connect to is for your hightest and best interest.

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Seahorses were one of my grandma's favorite animals.  She is also one of my guides who has helped me on my journey.  I chose these in honor of her love and guidance both in life and in spirit!

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Mountain Magic Healing Studio

164 Ed Herman Road, Schenevus, NY 12155

Tel: 607-287-7278

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